Collection: Amika Care


It offers a wide range of treatments and styling products specially designed to moisturize and repair hair thanks to its formula based on Obliphica, rich in vitamins. Find Amika products in travel, standard or living room formats to meet all types of needs and desires.

From shampoo to masks, including oils, sprays, hairsprays and dry shampoos, Amika is aimed at all hair types and for all needs. Its products are suitable for colored hair as well as natural hair to best meet your hair needs. Its asset and secret weapon is found in its formula created from Obliphica berry, also called Sea Buckthorn berry. It is a fruit of Siberian origin living in a very austere and arduous environment. Having to fight to survive, this is how he becomes immune and gorges himself on Omega 3, 6, 9 and the very rare Omega 7, which has the power to regenerate collagen! It also contains more than 190 biologically active components, as well as a rare concentration of vitamin C. Particularly full of vitamins A and E, this ancestral Russian remedy reconstitutes and nourishes the hair fiber to restore its natural balance. Specially formulated without paraben, without sulfate if artificial coloring. Amika products fully respect the integrity of the hair.